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mayor Deshay's statement on the covid-19 pandemic

This is an unprecedented time in our history. We are taking it seriously and taking your safety as a valued member of our Moline Acres community seriously.

My administrative team is taking every step we can to keep an eye on you and your health. We need your help. Call and contact the senior citizens and ill in your families and neighborhood. If you need us to make welfare checks, let us know. Be assured that we are patrolling the streets and talking to people and will dispense information for your health’s sake as well as provide resources and resource information to help you adjust to the practice of social distance.

Our police officers and firefighters stand ready to respond when our residents need them.

I will remain in touch with Moline Acres’ business owners and property owners for updates on operations.

Continue to support our businesses. Please patronize our restaurants and businesses that provide curbside and carryout options.

Most important, we want to be a source of strength and encouragement. And we want to thank you for being a source of strength and encouragement to us.

Thank you and we will rise above this inconvenient time.

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