Attorney Information

            The Judges of Moline Acres Municipal Division do not entertain telephone calls, correspondence, emails or other contact regarding their division at their private practice.  All communication should be directed to the Court.


            This court accepts e-filing for all cases filed after January 1, 2019.  If you elect to e-file please do not send duplicate copies by facsimile or U.S. Mail.


            All filings with the court shall be in motion form, shall be in writing and contain the Attorney’s Signature, Typed Name, Bar Number, Contact Information and Email Address.  If they are mailed, they shall also be dated.



Entry of Appearance

            An attorney who intends to represent a defendant in this court shall forward to the court an Entry of Appearance Memorandum (Not a letter).The entry shall be directed to the court and may be filed by mail, facsimile, or email or e-filed if case if e-file eligible.  The memorandum should contain the caption of the case, including the defendant’s name, case number and date of birth.  A certificate of service indicating a copy has been forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney shall be attached to the entry.  All motions shall be dated unless e-filed.  If requesting a filed stamped copy of the entry, attorney should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Entries may also be e-filed in Show Me Court cases. 


            An attorney is entered in a case until it is closed, the attorney withdraws or is discharged by their client. 



          All requests for continuance must be filed with the court at least 24 hours prior to the court date, unless there is an emergency.  If there is an emergency it must be plead to justify the continuance.  In the event the request for continuance is filed less than three business days prior to the court date you may be required to appear in court.  It is the responsibility of counsel to contact the court to determine the status of their request for continuance. 


Motions to Withdraw

            Motions to withdraw must comply with Local Rule 21.4.  If the motion is submitted prior to the next scheduled court date and attorney has complied with the local rule, a court appearance is not required.


Motion to Certify

            Motions to certify must comply with Local Rule 69.03.  Defense counsel is required to contact the court clerk and schedule a hearing.  In the event there is no objection by the PA, a court appearance if not required if attorney has complied with Local Rule 69.03.  If not, counsel must appear in person at the motion hearing.


Warrant Recall

            An attorney seeking to have a warrant recalled must file an Entry of Appearance with the court.  The Entry may include a request to recall a warrant.  On any matter in which there have been three or fewer court dates on which defendant failed to appear the warrant will be recalled without a court appearance.  All other requests for warrant recall require a court appearance by counsel.  Upon cancellation of the warrant, the court will provide defense counsel with a new court date wherein both the attorney and defendant shall appear in person.


Lieu of Bail Hold

            An attorney seeking to have a Lieu of Bail Hold release must file an Entry of Appearance with the court.  The Entry may include a request to release the DOR hold.  On any matter in which there have been three or fewer court dates on which the defendant has failed to appear a court appearance will not be required by counsel.


Request for Recommendation/Discovery


            All requests for Recommendations and/or Discovery shall be forwarded directly to the Prosecuting Attorney.  All negotiations and discussions regarding a recommendation are conducted between defense counsel and the prosecutor.  Any requests for compliance shall be resolved prior to submitting the Proposed Plea Agreement/Attorney Recommendation to the court.  The court will not accept any plea agreements that are contingent upon compliance.


            Plea Agreements/Attorney Recommendations with no contingencies may be paid at the TVB without a court appearance IF they have been signed by the prosecutor, defense counsel and defendant AND the Defendant is paying the fines and costs in full.   If payment arrangements are being requested a court appearance by attorney and/or defendant is required.



Prosecutor Contact Information 

Prosecutor Attorney: Donnell Smith

Prosecutor Attorney Assistant: Mimi Miranda

Address: 2449 Chambers Rd., St. Louis, MO 63136

Telephone Number: 314-868-2433 ex 706

Fax Number : 314-868-8224



Court Contact Information and Location 

2449 Chambers Rd., St. Louis, MO 63136

Telephone Number: 314-868-2433

Fax Number: 314-868-7803

Court’s Email: